Look For These Features While Making A Decision About Your Front Door

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The addition of wooden exterior doors to a home can be a great idea. They give off a warmth and welcoming feel that isn’t possible with metal doors. They look great and are very durable. These are just some of the many reasons wooden b&q front doors are popular choices for homeowners. You should still be careful when purchasing them. Some of these features are:

Type of wood

It is important that you choose high quality wood to make your timber front doors. There are many wood options that can be used to make them. Each wood type can have its own characteristics and strengths. To enhance the wood’s appearance and durability, all kinds of wood can be treated. The exterior design and durability of a front door will depend on its unique characteristics.


When making custom doors, it is crucial to take into account the shape. The look and feel of a doorway is affected by its design. Some of the most preferred shapes include arched, round and square. The shape of the door can be customized to make it stand out. Depending upon the style of the door chosen, homeowners may select a single wide door that matches the shape or consider having two matching pairs.


Standard sizes are common for front doors. But, they can be customized to fit your needs. The homeowner can choose from small and subtle wooden front doors with glass or grand central doors that stand out and are attractive. Many doors can be customized to fit the dimensions and specifications of homeowners by manufacturers.

Color or stain

Each type wood has a unique color. With simple stains, natural wood colors are very attractive. If you prefer to paint your exterior doors, however, there are many colors available. You must seal it properly when choosing a colour. This will protect it from being damaged by humid weather, and increase its lifespan.