How to Play Chess & Win

Chess can be a thrilling game with two opponents, who are positioned on opposite sides. There are 64 squares of different colours in the board. Chess sets have 16 pieces. Each player has 1 queen, 1 King, 2 rooks and 2 knights. 2 bishops. 8 pawns. Checkmating the opponent’s King is the last goal in the game. This refers to when the opposing King is trapped in a position that makes it impossible for it to escape. Visit our website and learn more about online chess coach.

While nobody knows the exact date of its origin, most people believe it to be around 2000 years old. Many believe Chess was born out of chess similar to the one played in India at that time. Chess is a game that has been played since the 15th century, when it became popular in Europe.

Learn how to play chess if you are interested. The game is easy to learn and anyone can play it in no time.

Read Chess Books

The local library has books that cover the basics and rules for Chess. You can learn the basics like the Chess sets, Chess board and basic moves from books. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Chess: Patrick Wolff, Chess For Success: Tony Gillam, and Beginning Chess: Bruce Pandolfini are just a few books that can help you pick up the game quickly.

Cyberspace chess

There are many websites that offer Chess instruction. You can quickly learn the basics of the game like tactics, theory, ending game and opening.

Online, you can play with both online stimulated opponents and live opponents. This allows you to speed up your learning process as well sharpening your skills.

Programs in Chess

You can purchase off-the shelf Chess software to install in your computer. This software will help you learn the game and allow you to create computer chess rivals with different skill levels. This is perhaps the most efficient way to learn the game because you don’t need to be online in order to play against stimulated competitors.