Buy Here, Pay Here and GPS Tracking

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A GPS tracking system can help you track your business and provide 5 benefits that are Buy Here, Pay Here GPS. There are two realities that impact today’s Buy here Pay Here used vehicle dealers: customers ability to repay the loan and termination of vehicle use.

Customer’s Ability to Repay

First, the stressed economy has created a whole market of customers with lower credit scores. It is difficult to predict who will be able to pay their car payments on time and who will default.

Terminating vehicle Use

The second is that the Buy Here, Pay Here dealer must perform many functions that banks and finance companies used to do when a customer defaults on their payments. However, the vehicle remains in the dealer’s hands. Customers who fail to pay their phone bills or utility bills will have their services terminated. This is a well-known fact that most consumers must pay these bills promptly. To encourage timely compliance, it is important to quickly terminate the vehicle’s use if a buyer fails to pay.

GPS Tracking: Benefits

The enforcement of vehicles was not limited to collecting the vehicle or making lengthy and costly efforts to locate it. The Buy Here Pay Here dealer is now able to offer a wider variety of reliable and timely alternatives using GPS satellite technology.

1. Satellite Tracking in Real Time

Installing a GPS tracking module plug-in allows you to track each vehicle in real time. The exact location and address of each vehicle is shown on a map. A satellite photo is also available via an internet site. The map will show the exact location of the vehicle’s street block, speed, and direction of travel if it is moving. Many GPS trackers have a Stop Track feature that records every stop for longer than 30 minutes. This helps to determine the vehicle’s daily usage and locations, which can be very useful if you need to recover it.

2. Expedited Vehicle Possession

The process of repossession can be expedited. Because the long search-and-tow process has been simplified, it is now possible to repossess the vehicle at the address you know. Many repo outfits offer discounts to Buy Here, Pay Here dealers who use GPS tracking. This simplifies the process and lowers the cost of towing.

3. Starter Disable Feature

When it’s time for hardball, Starter Disable is your best option. The GPS tracking website can electronically disable the starter of a vehicle if a customer is late or fails to respond to an electronic reminder. If the vehicle is moving, this will immobilize it at the current location. The vehicle’s location is visible on the internet map, so that it can be recovered immediately.