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Get Nutritious Meals from Local

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It is possible to simultaneously eat well, and combat global warming, by cooking healthy meals from local produce. A lot of what you see in your local supermarkets has traveled many hundreds of thousands of miles.

Local produce is often shipped to a central warehouse, where it is then distributed back to the local grocery stores – additional info! This creates economies of scale and central purchasing policies. This could lead to fresh vegetables from the farmer in A being sent to consumers in B, and produce from B being sent to town C a few days later.

Local Produce

Locally-sourced produce is often considered fresher, better quality, and more nutritious than imports from other countries. Jamie Oliver is the man who supports this belief. His campaign to bring good quality, locally-sourced food into Britain’s schools has attracted the attention of school administrators and environmentalists around the world.

The 100 Mile Diet founders have added to the demand for local produce. For a year, they successfully shopped at farmers markets to prove that it is possible to eat healthy and nutritious foods without the need for transport.

Family farms are better off if consumers shop locally for produce. This encourages investment in organic farming practices as well as innovative methods such glasshouse farming that allows you to grow seasonal fruits and veggies.

Nowadays, convenience is so prevalent that quality of meals can be overlooked. This has led to many developed countries having to deal with increased funding for their health care systems. The return to eating healthy, delicious, nutritious meals from local produce appears to be one solution. It is designed to reduce carbon emissions and thus help the environment.